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All You Need to Know about Handling, Storing, Keeping and Cooking Lobsters

close up of Canadian Lobster
  • Q. What Is the Right Way to Handle Live Lobster?
    A. Handle the live lobster with utmost care. Do not directly contact the claws when holding the lobster. Pick it up by its body and keep your hands tender on the claws. To avoid accidents, you can use elastic bands on the lobster’s claws.
  • Q. What Is the Correct Way to Store Live Lobster?
    A. Until the cooking time, keep the live lobster wet and cold in your refrigerator. Avoid submerging lobster in ice or fresh water. Just place them in an open container in your refrigerator and protect them with a damp paper towel or cloth.
  • Q. What Is the Shelf Life of Live Lobster?
    A. You can keep the fresh live lobster in your refrigerator for a maximum of two days.
  • Q. What Is the Shelf Life of Cooked Lobster?
    A. You can store cooked lobster in the shell for up to two days covered in your refrigerator. If you have shucked cooked lobster meat from the shell, it can be refrigerated in a covered container for two or three days.
  • Q. What Is the Right Way to Defrost Frozen Lobster?
    A. Place the frozen lobster in a sealed plastic bag and under cold running water to quickly defrost the lobster. You may also defrost it in your refrigerator for fifteen to eighteen hours.
  • Q. How to Cook the Perfect Lobsters?
    A. A popular method to cook the perfect lobsters is by immersing them first in salted water heated to a rolling boil. This is done to retain the flavour and delicate texture of the lobsters.
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