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Fresh Cooked Lobster Supplied Globally – Year Round

lobster cooked on fire

In partnership with our sister companies, South Shore Seafood and Captain Cooke’s Seafood, By The Water Shellfish Inc provides freshly cooked lobster to wholesale and retail customers around the globe.

Benefits of Having Cooked Lobsters

Need to cook dinner at the last moment to surprise guests? What’s better than having cooked lobster in your fridge, ready to be served in minutes? Here is why you need to have our deliciously cooked lobsters at your home:

Chef-ready lobsters for easy preparation and serving
Flexible for curating unique recipes
Pre-cooking or shucking not required
Frozen for freshness and taste preservation
Various sizing available for distinct portion needs
Natural, wild-caught lobsters cooked well
Food safety ensured through internationally recognized agency certifications
Year-round availability of supply and accurate pricing

Nutrition and Health Benefits

Cooked lobster is gaining prominence as a healthy meat choice today. The nutritional information below well explains why:

Per 100g Serving


Here is a chart of different formats of lobster meats and their packaging according to different countries:

Part-Ready Cooked Lobster Delivery

Get our cooked lobster delivered to you and enjoy unique seafood dishes with less hassle! 

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