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Lobster Holding Facility in Prince Edward Island

Lobsters on the wharf

By The Water Shellfish Inc’s lobster holding facility, located in Prince Edward Island, Canada, consists of eight holding tanks supplied by four nutrient-rich seawater wells. The seawater is always fresh, cold and pumps over 1000 gallons per minute. This environment duplicates the lobster’s natural environment, allowing us to maintain their healthy weight and texture. Our facilities’ tanks can hold up to 750,000 lbs of live lobster, ensuring that supplying Atlantic Canadian Lobster year-round is never a problem. Let us know when and where you want seafood products shipped around the world. Connect with us today!

About Our Location

Our location, directly beside the Confederation Bridge, allows us quick access to major shipping ports. We are at a 2.5-hour drive from Halifax Stanfield International Airport, Nova Scotia and 1 hour from the Greater Moncton International Airport, New Brunswick.

Our Sustainability Practices

At By The Water Shellfish Inc, we care about the environment and stay dedicated to providing seafood products that are sustainably harvested. Since the 1870s, conservation measures, including egg-bearing females protection, have been present in Canada. Keeping them in mind, our practices include:

Licenses with predetermined limits on the extent of traps
Staggered fishing seasons, safeguarding summer moults
Size limits (minimum and maximum)
Trap designs, freeing undersized lobsters
Strict monitoring and regulations enforcement
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