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Proper Lobster Packaging for Shipping Full-meated Hard Shell Products

Shellfish plate of crustacean seafood

At By The Water Shellfish Inc, we package our products properly and ship fresh live lobsters to you without compromising on quality. We do our best to keep our lobsters protected in a temperature-controlled environment, especially in the summer months. To package our shipments, we use an insulated styrofoam box and a cardboard box, including frozen ice gel packs. Each order is inspected properly to provide you with a healthy and full-meated hard-shell lobster. Connect with us today to place your order for lobster delivery.

Shipment Tracking

We will send you an email including your courier tracking number when you request live fresh lobster delivery. You can track your package en route at any time after the tracking process begins. We ask you to notify the recipient of the package in case you are shipping to a third party. 

Our Pricing

Our pricing may alter according to market conditions, catches and availability. Any change in pricing will be communicated before shipping the product.

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