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Wholesale Supplier of Premium Hard Shell Atlantic Canada Live and Cooked Lobster.

Lobster and Lobster sandwich served with wine

Live Lobster Holding and Shipping in Prince Edward Island

By The Water Shellfish Inc is a live lobster holding and shipping company based in Prince Edward Island, Canada and was founded by experienced fishing experts in 2003. Our facility consists of eight holding tanks that utilize fresh nutrient-rich seawater wells, helping maintain our lobsters at a healthy weight and texture. Our facility tanks can hold up to 750,000 lbs of live lobsters, which allows us to supply fresh Atlantic Canadian Lobster year-round. In addition to premium live lobster, By The Water Shellfish Inc uses sister companies to provide our global customers with exceptional lobster products. We provide whole cooked lobster, whole cooked frozen lobster, frozen lobster meat, frozen lobster tails and world-famous Malpeque oysters. Contact us today!

Fresh Canadian Lobster Supplied Year-Round

The Canadian Atlantic Lobster (Homarus americanus) is Canada’s most valuable seafood product. All points around the globe enjoy the delicious lobster from the Atlantic provinces of Canada.

A highly versatile and nutritious source of protein, Canadian Atlantic Lobster is harvested hard-shelled and known by many names across continents. No matter what you call it, once you’ve tasted our lobster, you will know why it is the King. Many consumers around the world prefer hard-shell lobsters over soft-shell lobsters.

By The Water Shellfish Inc ships around the globe to all major cities year-round. If you reside in the United States (USA), Europe (EU), or any Asian country, we can supply fresh Atlantic Canadian Lobster to you.

Hard-Shelled Versus Soft-Shelled Lobster

As the Atlantic Lobster must shed its shell to grow, it will show a thinner, softer shell post moulting. In Canada, the lobster season falters at the time of moulting in summer, and most Canadian Atlantic Lobsters are hard-shelled. Hard-shell lobsters are commonly preferred over soft-shell lobsters due to their high meat content, firmness and low chances of cracking en route. A hard-shell Atlantic Lobster requires some effort to crack, but it is worth trying it. 

Get in touch with us to provide you with succulent Wholesale Atlantic Lobster all year-round.

Our Sister Companies

Here is a list of company divisions used to deliver outstanding lobster products to our global customers. Please click on the logos for more information and contact us with any questions. 

Captain Cooke’s Seafood

Quality Seafood Products

Processed lobster products (frozen)
Bluefin tuna
howard's cove

Exceptional Selection of Seafood 

Malpeque oysters
south shore seafoods

Fresh Lobster Products

Fresh and cooked lobster
canam lobster

Lobster and Shellfish Products

Live lobster

Professional Affiliations


Service Area

United States (USA)
Europe (EU)
Worldwide Shipping

Fresh Live Hard-Shell Lobsters

Top-quality live lobsters delivered to your destination.

Cooked Lobsters Shipped to You

Shipping fresh lobsters cooked perfectly for exotic lunch and dinner.

Your Complete Lobster Guide

Ask us all you need to know about live lobster handling, storing and keeping, or seek help from our FAQs.

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